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Italians invest in Kutno

Italians invest in Kutno

Italian Lampre will construct a PLN 96 mln worth production facility manufacturing metal sheets for domestic appliances. The investment will be located in the Kutno-based sub zone of the ŁódĽ Special Economic Zone. The new facility is expected to offer employment to 100 - 120 persons.

All necessary procedures connected with business activity permission were completed in September. The investor has been waiting for the permission to be officially handed over. The new factory will be constructed within the next two years.

Among Kutno's major attracting features there is the city's favourable location in the centre of Poland together with its good road and railway tracks. At the moment Lampre has been supplying a number of companies from Central Europe and transporting its goods from Italian Monza which undoubtedly results to be a costly and long-lasting process. Also the technical infrastructure available in the Kutno-based investment lots, which are equipped with all kind of utilities, played a role in the selection of the place. The city invested around PLN 15 mln in the zone's technical infrastructure so far. Undoubtedly the fact that several other Italian companies also opted for Kutno influenced the investor's decision - said Kutno' s president Zbigniew Burzyński.


Kutno has already been chosen by 14 other investors which means it is the second best, after ŁódĽ, sub zone in terms of attracted investors. Jointly the investments' value exceeded half a billion PLN and the declared employment should reach over 1000 by the year 2010. Thus far companies which have been operating in the sub zone offered employment to around 550 people.

Among those who opted for Kutno as an investment destination there are such companies as: Kofola (Czech Republic), DS. Smith (the UK), Fuji Seal (Japan), Sirmax (Italy), PolyOne (the USA), Libner Polska (France). There are also facilities which have currently been expanded e.g. factories owned by UMA Investments (Kellogg's subsidiary USA) and PrintPack (USA). There is a group of investors who have been preparing to start construction of their facilities in the zone, among them, Tesalca (Spain), Profilpas (Italy), K-Flex (Italy) C. Hartwig (Poland) and Enginova (Spain). (UM Kutno)

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